Very often in my creative work I take up the subject of a monster portrait. This is an exercise on how the whole character can look like at the end. I try to propose not only an interestingly carved figure, but most of all one that has an interesting design. Before I sculpt, I consider if the monster should appear threatening, disgusting or be funny, and whether it should be more of a fantasy or sci-fi world... Of course, you can never predict what the final effect of the work will be like - I love to make assumptions, and while working, follow my intuition and analysis of what I see and feel.

Technically, to make such a portrait, I usually use a piece of wood on which I have a sculpture structure made of a nail and aluminum. Usually, I also draw lines on the block, which during creation simplify the search for proportions and symmetry.

The choice of materials for carving is various. When I want to get a very precise effect on a small scale, I usually use Super Sculpey. I like to use flesh color, quite often also gray. As it turns out, gray is a better one for form and texture control.

When I am carving a monster quite often different versions of one goes through my head. Sometimes the final effect is far from the initial assumption. However, I never try to stick to the first sketches - it can block the creative process. When I create my alien, zombie, monster or vampire, I try to freely wander in the meanders of my imagination and find such ideas for sculptures that would arouse emotions.


All of my sculptures are made in my hands. Very often, while building the character of a given creature, I sculpt two halves of the head at the same time, each one a bit differently. I am comparing them and analyzing - it helps me to finally choose more interesting project. This type of work allows one part of the face to develop the character of the second, and at the same time, thanks to this asymmetry, sculptures retain more vivid and creative freedom.


Two the most important things to remember during carving are: solid and light. This is where the adventure with form begins...