Orc Monster Head 002

Orc Monster Head 002

Design and sculpture of a flesh-colored orc head by Tomek Radziewicz. The unique collector's sculpture from the world of science fiction and fantasy. The original orc head was carved from polymer clay.


Weight: 190 g
Round base: 10 cm
Material: polyurethane resin
Dimensions & colour may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks

57,00 €


Orcs are one of my favorite monsters in my sculptor work. Ugly, twisted creatures that are supposed to resemble a human on the one hand, and a monster on the other. For a character designer, it is quite a challenge and a field to show off, especially if you do not want to propose a banal sculptural solution. By starting to sculpt the orc, I try to have a general outline of idea that guides me and simply devote myself to creative process. Throughout the carving process, I closely observe what is emerging and I try to capture those moments that give the sculpture the most character. At the same time, despite rules in force in characteristics of this character, I try to avoid patterns. Some animals are a good inspiration for a new sculpture. I must admit that during my work it often happens that I start sculpting an orc and end up creating a monster or a vampire. This is the result of my vigilant observation of what is happening during creative work and following the impulse. One thing is for sure: I have never managed to do what I set out to do from A to Z!