Furry Gorilla Head I 002

Furry Gorilla Head I 002

Design and sculpture of a beige gorilla head by Tomek Radziewicz. The unique collector's sculpture from the world of animals, science fiction and fantasy. The original gorilla head was carved from polymer clay.


Weight: 240 g
Round base: 10 cm
Material: polyurethane resin
Dimensions & colour may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks

57,00 €


In my sculptures whether it will be a figure, a bust or a gorilla's head what I like the most is changing their scale and the way of carving. That is why once a precision sculpture is created, another time a sketch. In both cases I try to suggest something interesting.

Human-like animals have been always present in human creativity. They appeared in film, press and literature, accompanying us for centuries. King Kong, gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys are the themes of many artists. I also decided to tackle this subject and chose the gorilla - I wanted to develop a workshop that would allow me to better design other creatures in the future. However, I did not think that the world of gorillas would draw me in so much... until I finally created a whole series of sculptures. Today I can definitely say: I will create even more gorillas, monkeys and other animals - such creations greatly develop me as a character designer and enrich my knowledge of animal anatomy.