Chimpanzee Head IV 001

Chimpanzee Head IV 001

Design and sculpture of a grey chimpanzee head by Tomek Radziewicz. The unique collector's sculpture from the world of science fiction and fantasy. The original chimpanzee head was carved from polymer clay.


Weight: 165 g
Round base: 9 cm
Material: polyurethane resin
Dimensions may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks

47,00 €


Most of us have seen the three monkeys in which one closes his eyes, another his mouth, and the last cover his ears. Whenever I saw a set like this, I was very tempted to create my own version of this theme. As a character designer for fantasy, sci-fi and horror, I thought about making a series of monkeys that express emotions: rage, joy, weariness. The adopted concept became very realistic - I put a lot of emphasis on detail, while keeping in mind the clarity of each emotion. For carving I used Super Sculpey which is perfect for carvings in this scale.