Orangutan Baby Head 002

Orangutan Baby Head 002

Design and sculpture of a flesh-colored baby orangutan by Tomek Radziewicz. The unique collector's sculpture from the world of science fiction, animals and fantasy. The original orangutan head was carved from polymer clay.


Weight: 150 g
Round base: 9 cm
Material: polyurethane resin
Dimensions & colour  may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks

47,00 €


Whenever I start to carve a head sculpture firstly comes consideration: am I going to make a sculpture that is more sketchy or am I doing to do one with a large detail? Secondly I choose the right material for work. If I want to get a sculpture with an expressive sketchy character then I take NSP Chavant or ordinary plasticine. But when I want to do a very precise work, I use Super Sculpy or Monster Clay. Of course, during creative work, not everything can be predicted and you have to be open to what happens during creation.