Horse Bust 003

Horse Bust 003

Design and sculpture of a brown horse bust by Tomek Radziewicz. This bronze horse bust is made of metal cold casting. The unique collector's culpture from the world of animals. The original horse bust was carved from self-made plasticine.


Weight: 235 g
Height: 13 cm
Material: bronze cold metal casting
Dimensions and colour may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks

73,00 €


The year 2020 is very special for me - I realized one of the largest horse monuments in Poland and one of the largest in Europe: The Monument of Glory of the Cavalry and Polish Artillery near Komarów. Before proceeding with its implementation, it was necessary to get acquainted with the anatomy of the horse, its expression, as well as the body and form itself. The sketch I made was made of plasticine, which gives me the freedom in quick designing. The analysis of the animal's structure was a good experience for me. Although animals, horses, rabbits, dogs and others appear in my work quite often, such detailed study of this subject allows me to better design various types of monsters, creatures and other imaginary creatures. You can see The Monument of Glory of the Cavalry and Polish Artillery on my website or Instagram.

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