Gorilla Skull Head 001

Gorilla Skull Head 001

Design and sculpture of a gray skull by Tomek Radziewicz. This gorilla head is made of a polyurethane resin. The unique collector's sculpture from the world of science fiction, animals and fantasy. The original gorilla skull was carved from polymer clay.


Weight: 200 g
Base: 8,5 x 7,5 cm
Material: polyurethane resin
Dimensions may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks

62,00 €


Sculpture is a very broad topic in every aspect. Depending on the theme, you can show many possibilities and realize how much there is still to learn ... This was also the case when I started carving a series of gorillas. Firstly I carved heads, then busts, and in the end whole figures. Only then I realized that in order to start building the shape of a sculpture, you need to get to know the anatomy of an animal.

So I came up with idea of sculpting only skulls, which during carving gave me the opportunity to deeply analyze the anatomy and shape. For me, going this path, in search of a suitable shape, was of colossal importance in understanding the form of a gorilla's skull and head. Shaping skulls is very interesting to me and I will come back to it in my future projects.

The basis for building the sculpture is the arrangement of the main body and this is what I focus on the most. Every time I start sculpting a head gorilla skull firstly, I am thinking about an idea and emotions I want to express in the sculpture.  For me the detail is less important and plays a main role at a later stage.

In my daily work I use basic materials like Monster Clay, Super Sculpy, NSP Chavant or ordinary plasticine. Most of the tools I work with are self-made.


In my sculptures whether it will be a figure/a bust/a head of gorilla What I like the most is changing their scale and the way of carving. That is why once a precision sculpture is created, another time a sketch. In both cases I try to suggest something interesting.


To make quick and expressive sketches I usually use three materials: a water clay, ordinary plasticine or NSP Chavant. These materials allow me to sketch freely and quickly regardless of whether I am creating a bust monster a head or a figure gorilla.