Cyber Frankenstein Head Statue HEISENBERG

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Cyber Frankenstein Head Statue HEISENBERG

Collectors staute of Cyber Frankenstein "Heisenberg".

Cyber Frankenstein "Heisenberg" statue is the author's variation on a theme of a legendary Frankenstein character as a cyborg. This figure inspired among others by survival horrors video games like Outlast or by Heisenberg's cyborgs from Resident Evil 7 Village can be a very stylish complement for each true gamer's cave who loves survival horrors. This unigue Frankenstain minature with a vibe of cyberpunk, deaselpunk and steampunk will be loved not only by sculpture artwork collectors but also by the modelers for its manufacture with a high quality polyurethane epoxi resin what makes the figurine perfect for self-painting.

 Available in 2 color variants

Weight: 140 g
Material: polyurethane resin
Dimensions & colour may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks



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The Statue Story:

Frankenstein's monster. Who does not know this unique cinematic character. The monster, is an icon of pop culture. Not only did the world of cinema devote a great deal of attention to him, but the monster is also highlighted by other artistic areas of culture, including sculpture. It doesn't take long to introduce it, unless an alternative version of it is created. I have already taken up the theme of Frankenstein’s monster in my work. A few years ago, I carved a bust of of the monster. A quick sketch of nsp medium, or his head in a clay polymer Super Sculpey. Both of these works depicted the same monster, but treated completely differently in terms of detail and texture. Today I am  presenting my new version of the Frankenstein monster, this time as “Cyber Frankenstein”. Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red, made me decide to propose my version of Frankenstein's monster in Cybernetic version.