Calling Monkey Statue ABU

Calling Monkey Statue ABU

Do you also have an impresion that looking at this this calling chimpanzee wall figurine you can almost hear the noises coming from a distance in a jungle? If yes then bring some wildness to your sculpture collection with this monkey minature! Calling Monkey Statue ABU is made of a polyurethane resin what makes it a perfect minature to self-painting but is also available in variants made of a bronze or silver-color metal cold casting.

Weight: 160 g
Round base: 9 cm
Material: polyurethane resin
Dimensions & colour may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks

47,00 €

Tags:chimpanzee monkey

The Statue Story:

Most of us have seen the three monkeys in which one closes his eyes, another his mouth, and the last cover his ears. Whenever I saw a set like this, I was very tempted to create my own version of this theme. As a character designer for fantasy, sci-fi and horror, I thought about making a series of monkeys that express emotions: rage, joy, weariness. The adopted concept became very realistic - I put a lot of emphasis on detail, while keeping in mind the clarity of each emotion. For carving I used Super Sculpey which is perfect for carvings in this scale.