Angry Chimpanzee Sculpture WUKONG

Angry Chimpanzee Sculpture WUKONG

The chimpanzee's image carved out from a polymer clay revelas brutal face of nature and wildlife. The monkey figurine is a wall sculpture also perfect for self-painting and will be great proposition for every "Planet of the Apes" devoted fan. This chimpanzee head statue is made of a polyurethane resin and is a perfect minature to self-painting but is also available in variants made of a bronze or silver-color metal cold casting.

Available in 2 material variants.

Weight: 345 g
Round base: 12 cm
Material: polyurethane resin
Dimensions may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks


90,00 €

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The Statue Story:

For many years, I considered the subject of animal characters to be too common. In my work, I very rarely choose repetitive motifs, but when I started sculpting a series of monkeys, I understood how important the knowledge of animal anatomy is... I took up the challenge and with great enthusiasm I finally created a series of chimpanzees. It was a good lesson - any kind of monster design should be approached with great care, passion and emotion.