Demon Horned Head Statue HELLBOY

Demon Horned Head Statue HELLBOY

Collective figurine of a horned red demon's head HELLBOY

This unique, hand-made and hand-painted statue of demon's head straight out of the world of horror or fantasty can be a stylish accessory for minature collectors, RPG players, goths or fans of any heroic fantasy universe like D&D or World of Warcraft.                                     

Available also in variants for self painting

Weight: 250 g
Base radius: 9 cm
Material: colorful polyurethane resin
Dimensions and colour may vary slightly
Production time: 2-4 weeks




High availability

110,00 €

Tags:demon monster

The Statue Story:

When I started working on this sculpture, I was convinced that I would make a zombie. As I worked, I realized that the character I was creating had to be more demonic than hideous, which is why I ended up creating a villain with horns as a result. Originally I began the job with Super Sculpey. It is a material that I use very often for small, precise sculptures. It allows me to perform work both in a sketchy nature and in the form of a very precise model. I used a silicone mold and polyurethane resin to duplicate the sculpture and create color copies of the sculpture. The colorful version of this monster was the result of applying different colored resins in very thin layers. Such a method of casting the head allowed me to achieve the unique effect of the skinless Demon. Terrifying and thoroughly dark.