Alien Skull Statue ALIEN SKULL

Alien Skull Statue ALIEN SKULL

Collector statue of an ALIEN SKUL from limited Dracula's Inkpot series.

Alien Skull Statue ALIEN SKUL is a real treat for evry figurine and sculpture artwork collector who was rised on movies classics like "Alien", "Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull" or for fans of surrvival horror video games like "Dead Space".This statue of an alien skull is also a part of limited Dracula's Inkpot series. Now this amazing alien skull figurine can become your trophy from beyond this world!

Height: 11 cm
Weight: 275 g
Base: 8,8 cm
Material: polyurethane resin
Painting: acrylic paint
Dimensions and colour may vary slightly
Production time: 4-6 weeks


High availability

165,00 €

ColoursPainted with acrylics
Tags:Dracula's Inkpot limited edition skull