Dracula's Fountain Pen Stand Statue

Dracula's Fountain Pen Stand Statue

Dracula's Fountain Pen Stand Statue from the limited series „Drancula`s Inkpot”.

A unique figure of a skull with a fountain pen embedded in blood colored ink. This accessory should not be missing from any goth or dark fantasy fan. Hudge advantage of this fountain pen stand statue is that it can be not only decorative and nice-looking but also very usefull during making your daily red tape.

Height: 14 cm
Base: 8,8 cm
Weight: 410 g
Material: polyurethane resin
Painting: acrylic paint
Dimensions and colour may vary slightly
Production time: 4-6 weeks


High availability

220,00 €

The Statue Story:

PenPal is the first sculpture from the series „Dracula`s Inkpot”. The idea appeared in the summer of 2019. I was enjoying my holidays away from the cares of everyday life in the city. I was playing with material and  shaping the skull having no idea that it will end as a visual line of a new series. While the proces was getting more advanced I realized that I dont want to make a well shaped human skull, like those super precised, anatomically correct museum exhibits. Before I was not into doing skulls and I knew if this moment appear I will do it on my own way. I wanted something more expressive and thrilling, something thats unique and scary. I wanted to show off my personal attitude to Dracula`s dark history, so to speak not rational. You may ask why „Dracula`s Inkpot”? In the same time I was doing a small sculpture „Dracula`s Nest”. Lots of tiny skulls, elements, details, a quick sketch made of plasticine. And after all it came… Count Dracula needs writing implements which hide secrets written in human blood. Nothing more to explain, he needs an inkpot and a foutain pen. I realize that the skull is a perfect ink vessel, with blood instead of ink of course. And this is how the PenPal was created – the skull-inkwell that holds in its teeth the fountain pen of the Prince of Darkness.